No wonder Lavender is  a popular ingredient for baby products. The extract has natural relaxing and comforting properties providing at the same time soothing sensation and extreme softness. Lavender care is just what a baby needs.

Almond Oil

Among all plant oils almond oil is the most suitable one for baby care. The content of this oil is similar to the one of the human skin. It has light texture that absorbs quickly leaving the delicate baby skin naturally moisturized and protected.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has proved itself as the most caring ingredient in baby care for its natural anti-bacterial, freshening and protecting properties. Aloe is delicate and non-irritating hence it is the perfect choice for the specific needs of baby’s skin. 

Rice Extract

Rice Extract is an innovative ingredient to use for baby care, and it is very suitable for the baby skin. It is mild and does not irritate the skin, providing gentle hydration. Rice is moisturizing on a deep level of the skin, to keep the baby’s skin soft and nourished.